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About Ray Holes Leather Care

Western Wear, Leather, Boots, Saddles, chinks, boots - For everything, CHAP WAXRay Holes started producing his leather care products in 1936. Ray Holes, owner of Ray Holes Saddle Co. needed a product to put on new saddles to help repel the elements of weather, etc. The dubbin he developed also restored life to older leathers. Thus, the first Ray Holes Leather Care Product was developed and was called SADDLE BUTTER.

As ranchers and farmers came in to purchase new leather items or have repairs done (they used much harness in those days) they saw the benefits of the SADDLE BUTTER for restoring and protecting leather. They wanted to buy SADDLE BUTTER for their own use, and it remains our number one seller.

In 1942, CHAP WAX was developed. There was a need for a good water proven to be used on leather items which needed protection from the wet weather. This included chaps, chinks, boots, etc. CHAP WAX was sold to individual customers. Stores which sold boots and shoes wanted a different name on the waterproofing to make sales easier. Many of their customers, by now, were not ranch or farm people, so the name DRI-BOOT satisfied that need.

Then, in the mid - 70's, Gerald Ray Holes had become the owner of Ray Holes Saddle Company. Jerry developed VAQUERO RAWHIDE CREAM is now our number two seller.

By the 1980's, the demand for these products was becoming great enough that we saw fit to separate the leather care products from the saddle company, and Ray Holes Leather Care Products, Inc. was born and became a wholesale manufacturing business on its own.

With all the great word-of-mouth advertising from our valued customers and great reviews received from publications as well as all the good results from stores which handle our products, we are looking forward to many years of providing the top of the line in leather care.

Yours for better leather care,

Gerald Ray Holes, President

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