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Since its creation in 1936, SADDLE BUTTER has remained the finest leather care product available. SADDLE BUTTER replaces the natural oils in leather. It will soften that dry leather and will Saddle Butter - Waterproofs and Conditionscreate and maintain the mellow feeling you desire in old or new leather.

SADDLE BUTTER is perfect for all fine, top-grained leather tack. It is made of the finest natural ingredients. SADDLE BUTTER is as close to neutral as possible. It causes little or no discoloration of leather. As a plus, SADDLE BUTTER gives a superb waterproofing with its mix of natural waxes which buff to a soft, hand rubbed finish when dry.

SADDLE BUTTER will not rub off on your clothing as oils tend to do.

More information about this product.....SADDLE BUTTER is a must for any fine western and tack store.


Vaquero Rawhide Cream - Leather Care Products

VAQUERO RAWHIDE CREAM was developed for a market that has long been neglected. VAQUERO RAWHIDE CREAM is formulated to give any fine rawhide product nourishment it so badly needs to remain in a fine using condition.

VAQUERO RAWHIDE CREAM is also excellent to clean and condition light leathers, Paso Fino and English tack.

For your customers who need a conditioner and cleaner for their rawhide equipment, English or Paso Fino tack, More information about this product.....VAQUERO RAWHIDE CREAM is the right choice.


Chap WaxSince 1942 CHAP WAX has proven itself to be the finest natural wax waterproofing, and the solution for those looking for a waterproofing to care for all their fine top-grained leather products.

CHAP WAX provides that extra, needed protection from rain, snow, mud and other barnyard elements. Use CHAP WAX on 'leaky' chaps and chinks, quilted saddle seats, boots, shoes and other leathers needing protection and added life. CHAP WAX provides a moisture shield and does not soften leathers. CHAP WAX can also be applied over Saddle Butter for added protection.More information about Chap Wax Waterproofing


Dri-Boot Waterproofing

DRI-BOOT is essentially the same formula as CHAP WAX, but is labeled for use in boot and shoe stores. Footwear customers who are looking for the best waterproofing for boots and shoes prefer this label. Western and tack stores will find carrying both DRi-Boot and CHAP WAX labels in their stores will create added sales.
More information about Dri-Boot Waterproofing
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